Curran Property Management

A Management Company in terms of a Multi Unit Development, such as an Apartment Block, is a Limited Company, which is owned by the owners (shareholders) of the individual apartments in that development.


The Company – which is your company – is responsible for the day-to-day running and upkeep of all open spaces, communal areas, and services relating to the development. To do this successfully, service charges are paid by the owners to cover all running expenses throughout the year.


There is also an obligation on the directors of that company to file annual accounts and adhere to legislation as set out in the Multi Unit Development Act 2011. In most cases, the residents (owners) of a Management Company employ the services of a Managing Agent, like us, to run the Management Company on their behalf.


Curran Property Management is employed as Managing Agents to run a Management Company. 

It is often misperceived that the Managing Agent is the Management Company. This is not the case. The managing agent is merely an employee/contractor of the management company. Whether you are an owner in a development of 10 or 300 units, we have a package tailored to suit your needs.



Services provided by Curran Property Management, as managing agents are:


  •        Preparation of Annual Budget and Service Charges

  •        Regular site visits to ensure the highest level of service is provided by all contractors

  •        Appointment of contractors including Grounds Maintenance, Cleaning Personnel, Lift Engineers, etc.

  •        Obtaining alternative quotations from contractors as required

  •        Ensuring that a Block Insurance Policy is in place with competitive terms

  •        Preparation of monthly statements and payments of invoices

  •        Attendance at AGM, EGM and Committee/Director Meetings

  •        Appointment of Auditors

  •        Completion of Requisitions in resale’s

  •        Handling breaches of House Rules including Noise Disturbance, Car Park Issues, Waste Disposal, etc.

  •        Service Charge arrears and Debt Collection

  •        Fulfilling legal obligations of the Multi Unit Development Act 2011 and Property Services Regulatory Authority